A deeply relaxing massage using a blend of oils tailored individually to you and your needs.

BACK MASSAGE   –   40 mins   |   £38

FULL BODY MASSAGE   –   1 hr 30 mins   |   £66



A therapeutic massage working to alleviate built-up tension and stress within the body’s muscles.

Back Massage   –   35 mins   |   £34

Full Body Massage   –   1 hr 10 mins   |   £60


Indian Head Massage   –   45 mins   |   £36

A highly relaxing and de-stressing seated massage treatment helping to relieve tension held in the upper body.


HOPI EAR CANDLING   –   45 mins   |   £36

A gentle and soothing holistic treatment using non-invasive BIOSUN candles on both ears to help alleviate symptoms of conditions such as earaches, stress, headaches and insomnia.

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