Advanced Skin Consultation

The beginning of your skin health journey starts with a thorough, in-depth, personalised consultation, gaining insight into what your skin’s current behaviour is and why, and how best to nurture and treat it to tackle your skin concerns.

Using advanced technology, together we can explore the deeper layers of your skin, explaining the science behind your concerns and plotting a pathway forward to achieve great skin health.

If you are serious about tackling your skin concerns, this is your starting point.


Using advanced technology to look at your skin both topically and under the surface, together we can see where your skin is at and why, and plot a course of treatment to improve your skin health and ultimately, your skin concerns.

During the session we look at how your skin concerns have come about, your current lifestyle and how this has contributed, how your current skincare may be hindering your skin’s health, a visual prediction of your skin’s future appearance and much more.

This is the perfect opportunity to really delve into your skin’s health and concerns.  Please be prepared to be open and honest.  This will give me the best chance I can to help you with your skin journey and make sure all your questions are answered.

This treatment is an initial requirement for any further Bespoke Skin Treatments and can be booked on its own or in combination with a Velvet Bespoke 45 facial, however can also be booked throughout your skincare journey to keep a regular check on your skin’s health and improvement.

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