Are you cleansing properly?

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It’s seen as such a basic, simple step in a skincare regime, but it’s right up there with one of the most important things you need to be doing to get a great skin.

Most people, if they cleanse their skin at all, use a quick bish, bash, bosh method, which I’m sorry to break it to you is not long enough.

We can all be culprits of it, don’t worry!

Judging by my own personal experience and talking to clients in the salon, the main reason for minimal cleansing is life’s biggest thief – TIME ⏰

The fact of the matter is though, that if you’re not cleansing fully, none of the products you apply afterwards will actually do their job properly.

So in order for you to have that glowing skin ✨, you need to make sure you are cleansing your face ONCE in the morning and TWICE in the evening (hence your double cleansing).

After even a few days of not cleansing properly, your skin will lose its radiance, and if you have a skin on the oilier side, you’ll start seeing some unwelcome “friends” popping up on your face to say hello.

So why is one cleanse not quite enough? 🤔

During the course of the day you have more than likely been outside and exposed your skin to pollutants 🏙🚗 and dust, you’ve sweated, worn makeup and SPF and your skin will also have made its daily quota of natural oils. What a lovely cocktail for your skin! 🍹

The simple fact is, your first cleanse is designed to remove these from your skin, so that your second cleanse can actually treat your skin’s concerns.

Your first nightly cleanse should have an oilier or creamier consistency to it, so that it can melt away the oily build-up on your skin. You need to make sure you are properly massaging it into your skin – simply putting it on and looking at the clock won’t cut it. Speaking of time, you want to be massaging this into your skin for around 30-60 seconds ⏰, depending on your level of oil, makeup and pollution exposure (if you’re exposed to or wear more, work towards the 60 second mark). You’ll start to see the wonderful blend of colours all mixing together on your face 🎨, and if you choose to remove your mascara with the same cleanser then you’ll start to look like you’ve been down the chimney.

This should then be removed with some form of wet, warm (NOT HOT!) mitt, flannel or muslin cloth. The temptation is to scrub at your skin with these to get the product off, so I personally prefer the gentler option such as a muslin, as it reminds me to be kind to my skin rather than going hell for leather to remove my cleanser. Whichever option you choose to remove the cleanser with, it is normal for it to look like you’ve thrown it in the mud, particularly so the more makeup you wear.

On to the second cleanse…

The second cleanse should be chosen to treat your skin’s actual type and/or concerns. In basic terms a dry, dehydrated skin should be looking for a creamy cleanser, and an oily skin with breakouts should be looking at a mild foaming gel with no alcohol, to gently cleanse the skin without stripping it. This should be massaged into your skin for the lower end of the timescale, for around 30 seconds ⏰, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies you might have missed first time round. Then using another wet and warm mitt, flannel or muslin, remove this from the skin in a similar way. If there’s residue left on the cloth, then you’ve not cleansed properly. Have you cleansed for long enough, missed areas or not removed the first cleanse fully?

And while you’re here…

Your skin will probably feel a bit damp 💦 at this point, and that’s great! It’s at this point you want to be applying your next set of skincare. A lot of skincare products have humectant properties, which help to bind water to the skin from the air, helping to keep your skin hydrated and glowing ✨. Having the water present on your skin already helps the products along their way. So no need to grab your towel to dry off your skin, or worse still, use it to remove the last bit of your cleanser (and yes, I know all the tricks)!

So PLEASE make time to cleanse your skin. Find the time. If you’re the type to put your PJ’s straight on when you get in from work, do it then. You’ll be glad you did, trust me 💜

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