CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

Are you missing your smooth defined jawline when you look in the mirror and instead seeing the Churchill dog?

Did you wake up today and wonder where your cheekbones went?

Feeling tired and stressed, with those annoying frown lines between your brows catching your eye?

Are you struggling to find your eyelid when you’re putting your eyeshadow on, and instead catching the skin that should be under your eyebrow?

If you’re answering YES to any of these, then CACI is for YOU!

This is the perfect treatment to lift those contours of your face that seem to be disappearing into the shadows.

CACI uses a really tiny current to deeply stimulate the muscles of your face and get them fired up and doing what they should – think tight jowls, no double chin, lifted brows and no more 11 lines between your brows!

This tiny current is called microcurrent, which is found in your body naturally and works with your muscle’s memory to tell each one what it should be doing and where it should sit.

Because over time our muscles get lazy and droop, or get tight and contract.

CACI steps in at this point and acts as your face’s very own Personal Trainer, giving it a mini workout by re-educating and toning your facial muscles.

There’s a reason it’s called the non-surgical facelift, giving you that definition back and that “pulled up” factor!

It also charges up your cell’s natural batteries, which gives your cells the energy they need to repair and treat those other niggling skin concerns.

So, if your cells have more energy, they do their jobs much faster and much better, treating those lines, wrinkles and lax skin much quicker!

So… not only does microcurrent help to physically lift and hold the muscle in place, it also helps your cells produce the energy your body needs to make new tissue which supports and keeps the muscle in place.

But wait!  It also encourages blood flow to bring lots of fresh oxygen and nutrients to feed your skin and get rid of toxins.

Pair this with your increased cellular energy and your skin will be glowing in no time!

And the best bit? It’s a relaxing treatment, with no painful contractions, and you can just close your eyes and wake up at the end feeling (and looking!) more awake, lifted and toned.

You’ll get a visible result after just one treatment, but for best results I’d always recommend a course of treatments, followed by monthly top-ups.


Signature Non-Surgical Face Lift   –   1 hr   |   £65   ||   Course of 10   |   £585

This advanced non-invasive facial helps to lift and tone the muscles of the face and neck, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultra Anti-Ageing Facial   –   1 hr 30 mins   |   £90   ||   Course of 10   |   £810

Combining microcurrent, ultrasound and LED light therapy, this facial revitalises the skin and tightens and tones facial muscles, leaving a more youthful and toned appearance with glowing, healthy skin.

Jowl Lift   –   30 mins   |   £35   ||   Course of 10   |   £315

This targeted facial is specifically aimed at muscle laxity around the jawline, lifting and firming the muscles and redefining facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance.

Eye Revive   –   45 mins   |   £50   ||   Course of 10   |   £450

The ideal treatment for anyone concerned with ageing and puffiness around the delicate eye area. Providing a targeted treatment, tired and puffy eyes are soothed and lines reduced, leaving eyes bright and tight.


Why not super-charge your CACI treatment?


Dermalux Enhance Add-On   –   15 mins   |   £20

An add-on to maximise the results of your facial, using clinically proven wavelengths of LED light technology to energise the cells and stimulate the natural regeneration process. Skin cells that are energised function better and can regenerate up to 200% faster resulting in a more youthful, clearer and vibrant complexion.


What does CACI feel like?

CACI feels a bit like an acupressure massage because of the probes used to hold the muscle in place.  You won’t really “feel” anything because the current is subsensory, and is designed to work less on the top of the skin and deeper in the muscle, so that it doesn’t irritate (like some microcurrent machines do) but gives maximum lifting.  Some people get a bit of a metallic taste in their mouth or a bit of a flash across their eyes because of the current, but not everyone gets this and it’s not harmful if you do.

What happens during a course of treatments?

Your course of treatments will typically involve about 10-12 treatments in close succession.  The more skin damage there is (and it’s not totally reliant on age!), the more treatments you’ll need, but generally you’re looking at 10 treatments.  Your course starts off on a lower setting, to get the muscle used to the current and where you want it to sit.  As you move through your course the machine gets dialled up so it works the muscle stronger – a bit like at the gym you work your way up through weights from light to heavy!  This all means that by the end of the course, the muscles are strong and able to stay in the position they’ve been trained to.

Your course needs you to dedicate 2-3 treatments a week to it, so your full course will be done in 3-5 weeks, though I’d always recommend trying to get your course treatments as close together as possible, because this will always give you the best results long term.


What happens if I stop having treatments after my course?

If you stopped having your regular CACI treatments after your course, your muscle tone would just gradually return to what it was previously.  No harsh side effects, and no “waking up in the morning and wondering what happened”!


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