DMK Skin Revision

DMK Skin Revision is a unique concept devised by Danne Montague King, which uses his Enzyme Therapy system to turn back the clock on skin cell health.

Enzyme Therapy is unlike any other treatment available on the market.

It’s a complete skin revision process that rebuilds and restores the healthy functioning of the skin at a cellular level.

This is a stark contrast to other methods of skin rejuvenation, which strip and peel the skin and provide a purely surface layer treatment.

Enzyme therapy was designed to restore homeostasis (balance) to the skin, get the skin working at its peak and deliver long-term results across a range of skin conditions and concerns.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment   –   1 hr 30 mins   |   120

The DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment gives skin optimal skin functioning through the techniques of reverse osmosis and plasmatic effect.

Reverse osmosis is used to clear the cells of toxins, waste products and free radicals, which altogether improves oxygen flow to the tissues, general cell metabolism and the functioning of the immune system.

It does this through its unique plasmatic effect, which can be seen on the surface of the skin as a roadmap of veins, showing the true oxygenation of the skin that has happened.

This process stimulates amino acids needed for collagen production, and so improving the tone, texture and overall health of the skin, in a way that no other skin treatment available can.

DMK Advanced Enzyme Therapy Treatment   –   Up to 1 hr 45 mins   |   150

This treatment builds on the DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment, but also includes the DMK Muscle Banding techniques.

Muscle Banding is designed to lift, tone and strengthen sagging facial and neck muscles by sending deep contracting signals to the muscles of the face, neck and decollete.

The muscle contraction that is caused as a result of the Muscle Banding helps to increase circulation, oxygen flow and toxin removal, which over a course of treatments builds stronger, firmer muscle tissue.


DMK Skin Nutrition Treatment   –    1 hr   |   80

The DMK Skin Nutrition treatment is a great way of being introduced to the DMK range or for those wanting a more spa-style facial, whilst also making use of the unique DMK transepidermal delivery system, so that those active ingredients can still get to their target area.

This transepidermal delivery system uses ingredients your skin actually recognises, so that your skin will happily accept them and use them to rebuild skin cell health.

This means that although you can still give your skin a pamper, you can relax in the knowledge you are also treating your skin concerns and conditions.

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