Facial Massage – An Easy How-To

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This one can leave people a bit stumped sometimes and wondering what it is they’re meant to be doing exactly, but it’s worth the perseverance and the extra few minutes it takes!

Massage anywhere on the body generally relieves stress, the tension we hold in our muscles, improves circulation (of both blood and lymph), removes toxins, naturally exfoliates, lifts the skin and improves muscle tone, to name but a few! 🤩

Why should you bother massaging your face?

Well, massage helps to bring more blood to your skin to nourish your skin cells, and get rid of the toxins that accumulate either from normal cell functioning, or from the added pressure of a toxic diet and lifestyle 🍔🚬🍾

For a dry skin it can be really useful to stimulate your oil glands 💦.

For a stressed skin it can help to get rid of dark, puffy circles under the eyes 👀.

For a sallow skin, it can help give more natural colour and glow to the skin 🌈.

For an oily skin it can help with naturally exfoliating and removing congestion ✨.

For an ageing skin, it can help to lift and tone the muscles 💪🏻.

So as you can see, every skin benefits from massage! 🤩

When should you be doing your facial massage?

Ideally this should be done on an evening, when typically you have a bit more time than a morning… but if you have more time then, crack on!

Always make sure you are massaging after your cleanse (so you’re not moving makeup, sweat and pollution around on your skin!), and you can choose to do it on a dry skin with no product on it, or if you would like a bit of slip/glide, I’d recommend applying a serum (the Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules are great for this!) before you start.

What exactly do you need to be doing?

Well, there are so many massage techniques that you can choose to incorporate into your routine, and you could be there hours on YouTube looking them all up (seriously!).

✨✨✨ To keep things simple, I’m just going to run through a few easy starters with you that I would recommend ✨✨✨

Position your middle 3 fingers just underneath your ears on both sides. With a firm pressure (but not painfully firm!) rub your fingers towards the back of your neck and up towards the base of your skull, and then remove your fingers. Place your fingers just below where you started under the ears and repeat the same move, moving further down the neck until you get to the collar bone as a starting position. You’ll end up doing a sort of “J” movement with your fingers. Repeat 3 times.

Next move to your chin, and again using the same 3 fingers on both hands, position them under the centre of your bottom lip. Gradually slide your fingers from there, along your jawline to roughly the bottom of your ears. Repeat 3 times.

Next, place your middle fingers either side of your nostrils. Apply a slight pressure, release and slide, moving just slightly away from your nose and outwards towards your ear, following the line of your cheekbone, again pressing, releasing and sliding until you have reached the outer edge of your face. Again, repeat 3 times.

Now it’s time for the eyes. Bring that middle finger to the inner corner of your eyes and using a really gentle pressure (the skin here is 5 times thinner than the rest of your face so your lymph and blood are more superficial, therefore you don’t need to go in gung-ho), slide your finger along your eye socket towards the outer corner of your eye. Repeat 3 times.

Time for the brows. This one is so lovely, and an area so many people feel the tension. Again, using that middle finger, place it on the inner corner of your brow (or where it would be!). Apply a firm pressure for 2 seconds, release and move your finger to the middle of your brow, repeat and then repeat once again on the outer corner of your brow. Repeat this move (you guessed it) 3 times.

Move now to your forehead. Using all 4 of your fingers, position them in a line up from the inner corner of your eyebrow to your hairline, with your little finger near your brow and index near your hairline. Next, glide your fingers out until you get to your temple, and then release the pressure and return to your start position, repeating another 2 times.

Finally, repeat the movement at the beginning on the neck. Doing this helps to flush away the toxins that you have moved during the massage, to make sure they are got rid of the quickest by the body, as ultimately it is in this area that the excess liquid in your tissues is drained.

And some final extra pointers…

Remember, you’re always working towards your lymph nodes to encourage draining. If you are not sure where they are, work towards the outer edges of your face as a guide.

And another thing… although massage is great for skin health and that all important glow, try not to drag the skin as that can encourage sagging – if you feel you are dragging a lot then you need to apply a serum and lessen the pressure!

As always, let me know if you’ve found this useful by leaving me a little bit of love below! 💜

Helen x

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