Apilus Skin Blemish Removal Treatments

Skin blemishes can often be something we are ashamed of and something that we attempt to hide or cover up.

With doctors nowadays refusing to treat the more cosmetic blemishes that can appear on our bodies through age, hormones and lifestyle, it’s common to be left feeling like you’ve nowhere to turn, and that you must live with these blemishes.

Luckily, there is an answer, and that is Apilus Skin Blemish Removal!

Through this advanced technology, various blemishes found on the body can be removed safely and effectively.

What blemishes can be treated?

|   Skin Tags   |


Skin tags are benign (noncancerous) raised growths on the surface of the skin.

They are usually found in areas of friction and where clothes rub, so are often seen around the neck and waistline, as well as in skin creases like the underarms and groin.

They are a very common skin blemish, and affect around 45% of the population.

During treatment, the skin tags will either be completely removed by cutting the skin tag near the surface of the skin, or be cauterised, leaving the skin tag to reduce in size and for the tissue to be absorbed and removed by your own body.

|   Telangiectasia   |


Telangiectasia, otherwise known as facial red veins, are a very common skin blemish, and are usually found on the cheeks, nose and chin.

Sometimes known incorrectly as “broken capillaries“, they occur when the elastic recoil of the vein reduces, leaving the vessel permanently dilated.

They can be caused by hot weather, cold winds, pressure (e.g. squeezing a spot or the rubbing of glasses), diet, lifestyle, medication and age.

Treatment involves cauterisation of the blood vessels to be treated, which stops the flow of blood through them.

Depending on how many vessels require treating and their severity, more than one treatment may be required.

|   Cherry Angioma   |


Cherry angioma can go by various names, such as blood spots, haemangioma and Campbell de Morgan spots.

These are thought to be the most common skin blemish and are a cluster of blood capillaries at the skin’s surface.

They can vary in size from very small (the size of a full stop), to a dome-shaped lump the size of a penny, and can vary in colour from red, blue, purple and black.

Treatment involves cauterisation of the blemish, to prevent bloodflow (which is what gives it its colour).

Depending on the size of the blemish, more than one treatment may be needed.

|   Spider Naevi   |


Spider Naevi are a collection of facial red veins, characterised by a central red body and dilated red vessels branching from it, much like a spider’s body and legs (hence the name).

They usually appear due to trauma (e.g. picking a spot) or injury, hormonal changes seen through the pill and pregnancy and genetic predisposition.

They are usually found on the cheeks and face and are treated through cauterisation, to prevent the flow of blood through the specific vessels.

Depending on the blemish, more than one treatment may be required.

|   Milia   |


Milia (commonly and incorrectly classed as whiteheads) are seen as small, white, raised blemishes on the skin, commonly seen around the eye or cheek.

They are caused by the overproduction of skin cells that are not removed from the skin (either through natural skin shedding or exfoliating treatments), which causes a blockage in the sebaceous gland.

Skin can form over the sebaceous gland, trapping the sebum (oil) under the skin, and so forming the pearly appearance of the milia.

Treatment involves the application of a current to heat the contents of the milia, which allows it to break down and be removed by the body.

This method of milia removal is considered much more effective for milia removal than piercing or lancing the skin, as it causes minimal harm to the tissue (reducing the risk of scarring) and offers more long-term removal of the blemish.

Treatment Costings

Skin Blemish Removal Consultation   –   30 mins   |   £30

If you have skin tags, dilated blood vessels, cherry angioma, spider naevi or milia that you’d like removing, then this is your first port of call.

It’s during this consultation we’ll discuss if you’re suitable for treatment, what the treatment will involve and what will be expected from you to make your treatment as effective as possible.


1-3 Skin Tag Removal   –   30 mins   |   £70

3-10 Skin Tag Removal   –   30 mins   |   £95

10-30 Skin Tag Removal   –   30 mins   |   £120

Telangiectasia/Facial Thread Vein Treatment (Small Area)   –   30 mins   |   £70

1-3 Cherry Angioma Removal   –   30 mins   |   £70

3-10 Cherry Angioma Removal   –   30 mins   |   £95

1-3 Spider Naevi Treatment   –   30 mins   |   £70

1-3 Milia Removal   –   30 mins   |   £70

3-10 Milia Removal   –   30 mins   |   £95

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