To tone, or not to tone… which camp are you in?

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This is another step a lot of people miss out and don’t see the value in, but it has made such a huge difference to so many of my clients’ skins! 🤩

Traditionally, toners were quite high in alcohol content and left your skin feeling tight and squeaky… unfortunately some still do 😱 – these don’t make your skin happy so please get rid of it if this is what yours is up to!

They’re typically designed to rebalance the pH of your skin after cleansing (which if you’re using the right cleanser shouldn’t really be an issue), and nowadays they have many far-reaching skin benefits 💜

A lot of people think they are to remove the last traces of cleanser, OR WORSE, to remove the last bits of your makeup that your cleanser didn’t quite catch… if you’re in the latter camp in particular, go back to the blog on why cleansing is so important and give it another read over 😉

Fast forward to 2020, toners are now treatment products in their own right, and many now contain enzymes or acids and even peptides to help hydrate, exfoliate and treat your skin concerns.

As well as doing this, they also help to improve the absorption of anything you put on the after toning, making your active ingredients actually work better 💜

This also means the products you apply after cleansing don’t just sit on the skin, and are actually properly absorbed, rather than causing congestion, dullness and irritation.

Using the right toner, you’ll notice your skin looks brighter, less congested, hydrated and smooth (i.e. glowing 😉), to name just some of the benefits!

Depending on your skin concern you may be better with certain ingredients within your toner, for example a salicylic acid is great for a congested skin or one prone to breakouts, and a lactic acid is great for dry, dehydrated and pigmented skins.

Typically you apply a toner with cotton wool pads or with your bare fingers/hands 🙌🏻 (yes, really!) and then apply your moisturiser or serum straight afterwards, to lock in the moisture the toner gives your skin (there’s no need to wait for it to dry on your skin).

It’s always a good idea to double check your toner and its core ingredients though… as I said earlier, many high street toners have a higher alcohol content which strips your skin and can make it go a bit haywire, and do things like producing too much oil 🛢 which isn’t so much the glow we’re aiming for 😉

You’re best double checking which product is right for your skin with a consultation, to make sure you’re going to get the most benefit from it! Check out the Velvet Consult here!

Let me know if I can help, and as always, give me a little love below if you’ve found this useful! 💜

Speak soon!

Helen x

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